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Communication Tools: Fact Sheets

A fact sheet is a brief document, usually one page long, that provides data about an organization, product/service, or idea. Fact sheets display key information in a visual manner to be easily digested by the reader. Due to their concision, topics for fact sheets need to be specific. If you are having difficulty fitting all the information on a single page, consider breaking the topic into sections and creating multiple fact sheets.

When creating a fact sheet:

  • Keep text brief
  • Consider titling the document with the words "Fact Sheet" followed by a brief description of the topic
  • Use 12-14-point font
  • Use the active voice
  • Define any key words or concepts
  • Use layman's terms instead of jargon whenever possible
  • Use graphics to portray information – but keep them simple and easy to understand
  • Use bulleted lists, tables, and charts instead of narratives
  • Use white space to reduce clutter
  • Include a way for readers to reach out for more information

No matter what the document, always keep the audience in mind. Individual target audiences could prioritize information differently, so be sure the data included on the fact sheet will resonate with the intended audience.