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Pitching a Story

A story pitch is a short description of an article idea with the intention of convincing a journalist to write the piece. They differ from a news release by having a longer shelf life and allow the writer to have more creative freedom. When pitching a story to the media, package it with all the relevant background information, staff willing to be interviewed, and contact information, then send it to a reporter or editor.

Tips for Pitching a Story

  • Be sure that your story is newsworthy.
  • A pitch should be thorough, but brief. Aim for about 500 words in length.
  • A pitch assumes exclusivity. Pitch your story to one media outlet at a time, if they decline the story, you are free to pitch to another.
  • Send your pitch via email, don't cold call reporters. Include the word "pitch" in your email subject line unless the media outlet's guidelines say otherwise.

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