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News Conferences

News conferences are ideal in situations when your organization has urgent news because they allow you to talk to multiple media outlets at once. However, they should be used only when necessary. Calling a news conference for mundane or non-essential stories can create a poor relationship with the media.

Tips for Organizing a News Conference

  • Schedule the conference for mornings or early afternoons to allow reporters time to meet deadlines.
  • Be aware of scheduling conflicts. Don't hold a press release on the same day as an election, an important speech, etc.
  • Choose your venue mindfully. Visual appeal is important for television and it is often a good idea to have the venue relate to the story. Consider the weather if your location is outside.
  • Send the media a notice a few days in advance of the news conference and follow up with a phone call. Be sure to explain what will be covered at the conference.
  • Put together a press/media kit to hand out at the news conference.
  • Have no more than three speakers at the conference with each speaker addressing a specific topic. Prepare talking points beforehand.
  • Keep the conference brief.
  • Allow plenty of time for questions.

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