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Distribution Lists

It is a good idea to maintain an up-to-date list of media contacts that you can use to send out information. The list should contain contacts for local, regional, state, and even national media outlets, if desired. Continually add new contacts as they arise and remove outdated information so the list is ready whenever it is needed. Some resources to consider may be:

  • Major daily newspapers in the region
  • All local newspapers
  • Trade newsletters or journals
  • Major television stations in the service area
  • Public radio stations that serve the community or region
  • Community newsletters and forums
  • Community blogs and bloggers
  • State Senators and Representatives
  • Local elected officials

Building a Distribution List

How to build a media distribution list:

  1. Figure out your target audience. Include outlets with a variety of focuses.
  2. Decide what information to include. Most distribution lists include: full name, media outlet, role, topics covered, location, email, and how they prefer to be contacted.
  3. Choose where to keep media contacts. A Google or Excel spreadsheet is a great option.
  4. Find media contacts and add them to the list.

When sending information over email, don't use attachments. Instead, copy all relevant information into the body of the email.

Newspaper Associations

Each state has a newspaper association that maintains a list of all newspapers in the state. Most of these are now online.

Regional newspaper association websites:

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