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Distribution Lists

Assemble contact lists of local, regional, state and, if desired, national media; research the publication or station, know their particular focus and find out who the contact person is for your type of agency. For each, list their direct phone number and email address. For smaller publications and local TV or radio, the editor or news director will be the contact. Most media will accept information via email text (not attachments), but ask them what method they prefer.

Each state has a newspaper association that maintains a list of all newspapers in the state. Most of these are now online. Regional newspaper association Web sites:

Sample News Release Distribution List


  • Print
    • Major daily newspapers in the market service area
    • All newspapers in the local community
    • Selected trade journals and newsletters
  • Broadcast
    • Major TV news stations in the market service area
    • Public radio stations that serve the local community
    • Local public access television stations in the region
    • Local radio stations and radio news networks in the region


  • State Senators and Representatives
  • Local elected officials who serve the market service area


  • Community newsletters
  • Listservs to community groups (i.e., the chamber of commerce), hospital advisors and committee members


  • Hospital Web site
  • Network Web site