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Communication Tools: Newsletters

Newsletters can be great tools to interact with your audience, keep them informed on the latest news, and provide consistent reminders to keep your brand top of mind. When creating a newsletter, content, frequency, and delivery method are three of the most important aspects to consider. Within the digital age, most newsletters are sent out virtually. Printed newsletters seem outdated and are more costly to produce and distribute. Newsletter templates and distribution tools are easily found online and can be matched to your company's budget and goals.

You should make sure the information you share with your audience is timely and relevant. The newsletter must be interesting to gain a readership and relevant enough to keep readers subscribed. You should also consider the amount of content your company generates and match that with your frequency. If you send out a newsletter too often, you may find yourself searching for filler information that won't provide much value to your readers. If you send it out too seldom, information may be outdated and the newsletter could be too long and become overwhelming. Popular frequencies to send out a newsletter are weekly, monthly, and quarterly, but can be tailored to your needs.

Content Ideas

Newsletter content ideas include:

  • News items about your organization
  • News items about your industry
  • Any new publications from your organization
  • Information on new products/services
  • Calendar of events
  • Employee/volunteer profiles
  • Leadership updates/perspectives
  • Podcast or video links

For More Information

View the Center for Rural Health Update e-newsletter or this checklist describing how to create an e-newsletter.