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Communication Tools: Newsletters

Newsletters must reflect and understand their readers’ interests and knowledge level. The most successful newsletters are those that contain news and information readers can use.

Suggested newsletter topics:

  • News and feature stories about the organization;
  • Q&A sections;
  • Member, volunteer, or staff feedback;
  • Person-on-the-street interview;
  • Poll and survey information;
  • News items about the industry or your organization’s area of specialization;
  • Publications and new products;
  • New resources;
  • Employee/volunteer profiles and news;
  • Statistical information;
  • Reprints of major policy statements or speech excerpts;
  • Reprints of media coverage (with permission);
  • Message for leadership (president, CEO, etc)
  • Calendar of events.

Frequency and Distribution
Send out a newsletter that reflects the pace at which your organization creates news. If you send out a newsletter too frequently, the content is likely to be fluffy and relatively uninteresting. If you send out a newsletter with old information, it will feel stale and out-dated.

Nowadays, newsletters are posted online and sent in email as well as sent through the mail. Many web sites have areas where site visitors can access old editions of newsletters.