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Media Kits

Media kits, also known as press kits or press packets, are collections of information about your organization to help reporters write articles. They save reporters time in gathering background information and help the media communicate about your organization in a way that is factual and on-brand. Media kits are usually found on an organization's website, either as an interactive webpage or as a downloadable resource.

What to Include in a Media Kit

  • Contact information for whoever will be handling media requests
  • Company overview, including when the company was founded, what the company does, the company size, noteworthy growth statistics, and office locations
  • Noteworthy media mentions, including any awards or nominations your organization may have received
  • New and existing press releases
  • Media assets such as logos, headshots and bios, and visuals that relate to your organization and services
  • Brand and style guide to help the media communicate your brand to the public. This can include brand colors, fonts, and logo usage and guidelines as well as tone/voice recommendations and video or photography guidelines.

For More Information

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