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What Is News?

Although you might not always think that what your organization does is newsworthy, people are likely more interested than you know. Using the correct angle to your stories and taking advantage of slower news days can keep your organization's updates and successes in the media.

Dimensions of newsworthiness:

  • Timeliness
  • Proximity
  • Solution
  • Human Interest
  • Relevance


Timeliness is one of the most obvious aspects of news. Oftentimes, the newness of information is why it is interesting. Large media sources often focus on current events because timeliness is a driving force of their audience's interest.


People tend to care more about things that happen close to home. This can be an advantage in rural communities, where audience members know people who work at your organization or they interact with it frequently themselves. Their proximity to the subject of the story will increase their interest.


Listeners love to hear how information, technology, or new methods can solve problems they encounter in their lives. A story highlighting a solution could feature a new product or service offered by your organization, new technology that has been acquired to reduce wait times, or other similar topics.

Human Interest

People like learning about others. Human interest stories are approachable, and readers can often identify with the subject. The audience can share in the success or sympathize with hardships faced within the story, creating a compelling news item.


Readers are interested in stories that impact them, and healthcare impacts everyone. People are attracted to information that helps them make informed decisions or provides them additional information on a topic of importance to them. Being a trusted source of information can help your organization provide relevant and worthwhile advice to your audience.

Make sure any stories you bring to the media contain an aspect of newsworthiness. Readers want to see eye-catching and compelling stories, not just self-promotion.

Potential News Stories

News stories may include:

  • New technology
  • Addition of services
  • New hire
  • Family stories (retiring parent's position given to daughter, same doctor delivers mom, daughter, and granddaughter)

Take advantage of National Health Observances. These can bring interest towards stories that wouldn't usually be newsworthy. Some examples of National Health Observances are:

  • February: National Heart Month
  • March: National Nutrition Month
  • June: Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month
  • October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month