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Previous Oral Health in Primary Care TeleECHO Clinics

Note: Viewing the slides or recordings below will not result in any credit toward continuing medical education (CME).

If you want to earn CME credit:

  • The Need to Address Oral Health in Primary Care Settings
    This session covers the impact of oral health on overall health as well as current data around oral health inequity in North Dakota, identifying populations in need of better access to oral health prevention and treatment. There is discussion of the important role that medical providers can play in oral health prevention and screening.
    Presenter(s): Jackie Nord, DDS; Shawnda Schroeder, PhD
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  • Completing Pediatric Dental Screens in Primary Care Settings
    This session describes how to conduct a dental screen on a pediatric patient as part of a well-child visit. A public health hygienist working in a family medical center in North Dakota discusses what medical providers can expect in completing a comprehensive dental screen, what to look for, how to identify dental concerns, and when and how to refer a patient.
    Presenter(s): Vanessa Bopp, RDH
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  • Applying and Billing for Fluoride Varnish Application in a Health Care Setting
    This session covers the purpose of fluoride varnish application, how to apply it in the clinic, when to apply it, and where fluoride varnish application can occur within current clinical workflow. A Medicaid Administrator with the North Dakota Department of Human Services, speaks on how to bill for these services in settings outside of the traditional dental clinic.
    Presenter(s): Dr. Christina daSilva, DO; Judi Hulm, BA
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  • Talking with Patients about Safe Drinking Water, Community Water Fluoridation, and Oral Health in the Pediatric and Young Adult Patient
    A pediatric dentist, a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, a Life Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and current President of the American Fluoridation Society speaks to community water fluoridation in North Dakota, how to talk to patients about safe drinking water, and how to explain risks of sugary drinks especially among babies and toddlers.
    Presenter(s): Johnny Johnson, Jr., DMD, MS
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  • Screening for, and Discussing Oral Health Concerns Among Older Adults
    This session covers why it is so important to assess and discuss oral health with older adults in a physical healthcare setting to include primary care and long-term care. Common dental concerns that present in older age, what to look for, when to refer, and which topics should be discussed regularly with older adults regarding their oral health are discussed.
    Presenter(s): Jade DeSmidt, DDS
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  • Importance of Discussing and Addressing Oral Health Among Pregnant Persons
    Learn about why it is so important to discuss oral health with expectant parents, and how to use these visits to begin dialogue about the parents' oral health as well as the baby's. Descriptions of what dental services are, and are not, safe in pregnancy, and how to ensure good oral health while pregnant are provided.
    Presenter(s): Vanessa Bopp, RDH
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  • Providing Oral Health Care for Adults Who Are Covered by Medicaid or Uninsured
    Learn how few North Dakota adults visit the dentist for either prevention or treatment services and how those rates are worse for adults who are low-income, covered by Medicaid, or who are uninsured. The North Dakota Medicaid office discusses what is, and is not, covered for adult dental services and a local dentist shares how their office works to overcome these issues.
    Presenter(s): Maria "Duffy" Meyer, DDS; Jodi Hulm, BS
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  • Preventing Use of Non-Dental Facilities for Dental Care in North Dakota
    Data is presented on use of the non-dental facilities for dental care in North Dakota. Feedback from emergency room providers in North Dakota on "appropriate" use of the emergency room for dental concerns is discussed. The session covers how upstream involvement from primary care and public healthcare providers can reduce need for emergency services, how to have these conversations in clinical settings, and what providers can do when patients present with dental pain.
    Presenter(s): Nikki Medalen, MS, RN, EMT; Jackie Nord, DDS
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  • Implementing Medical-Dental Integration in North Dakota
    July 22, 2021
    In this session, attendees learn about the process of implementing medical-dental integration, who needs to be involved from the healthcare system, who bills, what the workflow looks like, and how it benefits the patient. Hear a case example from a primary care facility in North Dakota.
    Presenter(s): Vanessa Bopp, RDH; Marissa Wuori, LPN
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  • Working with Patients Who Are American Indian or Alaska Native: Oral Health Screening, Referral, and Education
    This session presents data specific to North Dakota identifying inequities in care access, dental care utilization, and oral health care prevention measures among individuals who are American Indian and Alaska Native. Resources, information, and tips for primary care and public health providers on how to provide culturally responsive care, and how to complete a basic oral health screening in the clinic, what to look for, and how to refer for follow-up are shared.
    Presenter(s): Tasha Peltier, MPH, CPH; Zachary Perman, DDS
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  • Discussing Oral Health and Prevention Strategies with Patients in Non-Dental Settings
    Learn about all of the conversations that should be had in non-dental settings with patients on the topic of oral health. In this session, Nutrition, medication that impacts oral health, safe drinking water, tobacco use, good dental care habits, and key tips and considerations around drinking sugary drinks, when is best to brush, and when and how to cut out a pacifier is discussed.
    Presenter(s): Beverly Greenwald, APRN, FNP-BC; Larry Steininger, DDS
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