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Technical Assistance - Internal Personnel Audits

This instrument is used with hospital personnel to evaluate their opinions and impressions on a ten item scale: work facilitation, concern for others, team building, decision making, motivation, communication, conflict management, image, doctor/staff relations, and compensation systems. The instrument specifically asks staff to rate each item of measure such as the amount of teamwork in the organization based on how they feel it actually is in the organization and then how they feel it should be in the facility. This way a “differential score” is created. The greater the difference between perceived reality and perceived ideal, the more intense the problem.

Benefits to the Hospital
While a community assessment looks at the external world shaping the hospital, the personnel audit does much the same thing for the internal work environment. This helps board of trustee members and administrators in understanding how staff perceive their work environment and how they think or believe it should be in the facility. It is an instrument to assist the administration in planning.