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Technical Assistance - Key Informant Interviews

Key informant interviews are another form of assessment. Under this process, instead of a survey instrument being sent to a randomly identified sample of your community, the hospital selects “key” informants/leaders in the community or surrounding area for direct one-on-one interviews. Interviews are conducted by Center staff and an aggregate report, based on the interviews, is developed for the hospital. Approximately 15 to 25 people are interviewed. It is recommended that a cross section of key informants be identified from the following key community sectors: healthcare, business/agriculture, education, government, and religion.

Benefits to the Hospital
The local facility/provider is able to listen to key constituents in the community and service area. What are their opinions on issues and solutions? Sometimes community people are more forthright with non-residents and are more willing to share opinions and insights. Key informant interviews are an effective means for the provider to reach out to leaders in a non-threatening manner. Interviews can also serve a marketing purpose because in effect, the provider is saying to key leaders, “We think your opinions are important.”