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Rural Health Grant Writing Workshops

The Center for Rural Health (CRH) conducts grant writing workshops that provide participants who wish to address rural health issues in their community with the basic tools necessary to compete successfully for grant funds. The workshop covers methods for searching and applying for private and public grant funding, critical steps for planning and writing a grant proposal, and the most common components or sections for most grant applications.

Workshop Topics

  • Recognizing the diversity of funding opportunities
  • Researching and identifying potential funders
  • Thinking through different approaches or models to developing a proposal
  • Writing the key elements of a grant proposal
  • Revising proposals and grant applications
  • Providing helpful hints for successful grant writing


Workshops primarily involve lecture with problem-based learning. All participants receive a packet containing a hard copy of the PowerPoint presentation and additional background information. Additional information is provided through the online grant writing toolkit. Interested organizations serve as the local host and are responsible for local marketing and coordination. Customized workshops are available and may involve four to eight hour sessions.

Host a Workshop

The CRH will come to your community and present a grant writing workshop upon request. It is required that there be a minimum of 15 people registered (you may invite people from other communities, organizations, etc.). The community is responsible for the meeting logistics (providing snacks/lunch, arranging the training location, inviting participants) and any costs associated with that. The CRH does not charge a fee for presenting these workshops. Contact (701) 777-3848 with questions or to sign your community up to host a workshop. View a printable flyer regarding hosting a grant writing workshop.

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